Have you ever had the bittersweet feeling of striking the tennis ball and immediately hearing, “snap”?! You’ve broken your strings. It’s time for a new set. How tight should I have my racket strung? What type of tennis string should I use?

The answer is here!


Lower tension = more power

Higher tension = more control

Generally, a beginner/intermediate level player will benefit from a lower tension. Low tension provides a forgiving string-bed, this will help due to the frequency of off-center hits. Advanced level players generally benefit from higher tensions. Advanced players generally hit hard with quick swing speed, therefore they generally need a higher tension to provide more control of the tennis ball.

Each racket has a recommended tension range. The tension range can be found in small on the inside of the frame just about the grip of the racket. The tension range is suggested by the manufacturer. For example, Wilson typically has a recommended tension of 50-55lbs while Babolat typically has a suggested tension range of 55-60lbs.

AVOIDING INJURY: If you tend to have tennis induced arm injuries it is best to go with a lower tension, this results in a larger “sweet spot” reducing the amount of shock and vibration to the hand and elbow.

Now that we have a good idea of the tension that will best suit our game, what type of string should we use?


Synthetic gut- This type of string offers a good combination of playability and durability at a (relatively) low price. Synthetic gut is known to be “elbow-friendly” as the string has a single solid core. Synthetic gut tends to have great feel and touch.

Polyester- Polyester string is designed to provide control and durability for players with long, fast strokes. It is the number choice on the pro tour because it allows heavy hitters to maintain control on aggressive strokes. Polyester string tends to have more power. Polyester is a bit more expensive, however there is a high probability that it will last longer than the synthetic gut. If you’re looking for a durable string that will add power to your game, polyester is the way to go.

Hybrid- Want the best of both worlds?! A hybrid will give you the right amount of control, power and durability. Generally, players will select polyester in the mains and synthetic gut in the crosses. Hybrid is becoming an increasingly popular choice by both recreational and professional tennis players.